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Why tithe?

New testament church in the first century describes what the early church was doing for tithing. We should realize that the New Testament is descriptive and not prescriptive. Descriptive describes what something is or what it is about, while prescriptive is what to do for a reward. Much like the idea of a prescription from a doctor. With a prescriptive nature

In the early church, the tithes and offerings of the old testament were 21.9%. In the New Testament, tithes help to pay for the pastor (1 Cor. 9:3-18), humanitarian needs, missions (Rom. 15:24Tit. 3:13), and to support other churches (Matt. 28:18-29).

You can divide our giving’s into three categories. Pastor for the local church to make sure the pastor is taken care of to shepherd the sheep, Sunday school to help provide our kids with the ability to speak God’s truths, and building to have a place to worship.

The primary position is to take care of the building, pastor, kids, and families. The second is humanitarian aid.

Humanitarian aid is needed to help others with electricity, food, clothing, housing, and other necessary support. You are providing the daily bread to those that cannot provide for themselves or get daily bread because of sin in the world.

The third reason is to help other churches and to help plant other churches. You find this in the epistles and acts.

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