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News Letters

This page contains links to the news letters of Hazel Run Lutheran. Click view more to gain access to the archive.


Recommended Books

Who doesn't like to read? We have recommended books for everybody on this website. Grow deeper in your knowledge and life by learning about God with easy to read books. Learn about sexuality and how God has created us. Learn to teach your kids about healthy sexual relations and their bodies.


Our Beliefs and Confessions

Hazel Run Lutheran is affiliated with the LCMC. We confess that Christ alone saves and everything we do is focused on what Christ has done. To find what we believe and confess, click on the button below to view more. 



As with any place of business, worship, of other, this page contains announcements for positions and events. Please monitor this page for changes.



Here you will have suggested podcasts to further your learning and understanding of Christianity. These podcasts are suggested for the entire family and on the road.


Getting Married?

Getting Married? This page has information about the usage of the facility for weddings and information for the belief of the LCMC in regards to marriage. To learn more, please click on view more below.

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