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Senior Pastor

Reverend Cody Mills

Senior Pastor

Pastor Cody Mills began his calling at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN. He attended Luther Seminary for three years. He is currently graduated Institute of Lutheran Theology with a Masters of Divinity. Institute of Lutheran Theology is located in Brookings, SD. He is married with four children. 



Church Council

Church Council

The Church Council is entrusted and installed by the congregation to work together as one body to make decisions for the church building and other temporal decisions. If you wish you wish to speak to the current president, please call 320.226.6550.

Name:                         Position:

Luke Stevens              President

Tim Alcorn                  Vice President

Lori Stevens                Treasurer

Agnes Jorgenson        Secretary

Kenneth Jorgenson    

Kody Jacobsen 

Al Dyrdahl

Kody Jacobson


Kody has been valuable here at Hazel Run Lutheran Church. He cares for our entire church. We very much appreciate all that he does.

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