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CoVid-19 Worship Update

You may choose to stay in your vehicle and listen to the service on the radio. Communion will also be available to those choosing to stay outdoors. You would need to come to the front door when instructed. Offering will be received at that time as well!


18 MAY 2021, the council of Hazel Run met after church service. One of the items of discussion was about the masking protocol currently in place at Hazel Run Lutheran.


We will not require masks at Hazel Run Lutheran to attend. We do say to mask at your own discretion.


Things to remember

(1) Wearing a mask does not prove whether one cares for another individual

(2) Not receiving the vaccine does not prove that one does not care about another individual

(3) Using biblical verses to prove one needs to wear a mask or receive a vaccine to prove love or righteousness uses the Lord's name in vain. It is not using the scripture appropriately or God's Word in an appropriate fashion.

(4) Remember (a) Shaming another individual for not wearing a mask or receiving the vaccine or (b) shaming an individual for receiving the vaccine or wearing a mask is not adhering to the 8th commandment.


Loving the neighbor is to bring the Gospel of salvation to the neighbor. When we confuse the gospel with masks and vaccines, we confuse God's promise of eternal life with accusations of indecency.


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