What we believe

“Hazel Run Lutheran Church strives to know and do the will of God from youth to old age by service, faithfulness, worship, and sharing in the sacraments. We are called to be one body in Christ and so we reach out, by the Holy Spirit, to the Community and the World.”


God in three persons

We believe and profess that God is three persons in one. The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. All three are God, and all three work with one another in a love that is strong and unbreakable.




We believe in the Humanity of Christ who was also divine. We also believe that we are to take care of all living things in stewardship as commanded by, God. Christ came to suffer with His creation, and He felt all the struggles of humanity.





We confess that there is only one “road” to heaven. There is only one action, and that is the death of Christ on the cross. He suffered to Himself all sin of the world, died and descended into hell, and ascended into Heaven. Death no longer carries the sting that it once did.





It is only through God’s grace that we receive salvation, and that it is only His will that allows it. We do not have any say in our will over death, everlasting life, or anything that we do. It is not something that we can achieve or take, but something that is imputed and given.



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